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Saturday Nights Band for RetroFest 2021

Old 45’s is a four piece rock and roll band forged from a love of the music of the fifties and sixties. Ken Ord and Ray Peterson (Now touring in his caravan) spent 7 years with the Rockin Bodgies playing rock and roll on the Brisbane club circuit. The boys did regular gigs at Coolangatta’s then Wintersun Rock and Roll festival every year. We are lucky to have Ian Smythe in our engine room on the Mapex kit. Ian's been drumming since high school he loves the music and drives the band with a classsic Rock n' Roll beat. Joining Ian in the "engine room" is Geoff Lawrie, alternating between his 1975 Rickenbacker Bass, his Hofner Beatles Bass or if you are lucky the very big and very low big bass. Let's cap it off with Evan O'Halloren and the smooth sound of his Artcore Hollow Body guitar through a Fender Blues Amp. This is the classic rock sound that Old 45's have strived for to keep the sound real and alive.

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