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Friday Nights Band for RetroFest 2021

After years as Musical Director for many Bands, and Duo's.

Steve started a very successful Long Gone Daddys Duo, in 2014. The vocalist retired in 2016, and Steve with his sights set on a Band was looking for like minded musicians, to join Long Gone Daddys.

Rick Wilson, well known experienced drummer, and Steve as guitarist, with.

Chris Doyle joining the Band. The musical ability, and knowledge Chris had, was just what Steve hoped for, and along with Drummer Rick, Long Gone Daddys Band, began the journey.

With a style of music that captures the great sound of 50's & 60's Rock and Roll and Classic Country Music. With amazing arrangements, and real playing, filling all the spaces, the band has that special difference.

,Chris, A great front man & Vocalist, also on Keyboard/bass.

Steve, top class, Lead Guitarist, also Guitar sax synthesizer, & lap steel guitar, some songs require the 12 string guitar. Great Music, with a difference, fabulous arrangements , quirky country, with authentic style and excitement, with fills and solos, that rock your soul.

Rick Wilson, fabulous drummer, and on vocals, with a quirky fun sense of humor. With years of entertaining, on the Gold Coast and South Australia..Rick is a great band member.

Rocking is their business.

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